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Rock Climbing Instructor


The Rock Climbing Instructor qualification has been the mainstay of manzoku’s training courses since it started in the early ’90s as the Single Pitch Award.   As climbers who are passionate about rock climbing, we love to pass on the skills and techniques we’ve learnt over the years.  With new equipment and changes in the focus of modern climbing the course is being constantly refreshed and we believe our training and assessment courses are a significant step to becoming a great climbing instructor.

To register you should have a genuine interest in rock climbing and the supervision of groups on single pitch crags. You should have at least twelve months rock climbing experience and be at least eighteen years of age. You should also be an individual or club member of a mountaineering council.

You can register for the Award HERE


The training courses are spread over three days, usually starting with some indoor theory sessions, including a personal skills review at a climbing wall. The next two days are spent at a variety of crags looking at the hard skills of rope and belay management and the soft skills of group management.  We usually spend a second evening at an indoor venue with discussions and practical sessions on Risk Management and Movement Skills.

Our aim over the training course is to not only cover the Rock Climbing Instructor syllabus but to inspire you to think creatively about how you teach and to give you the confidence to explore and develop your experience as a climbing instructor.

Why stop at GOOD when you could be GREAT?

From Training to Assessment

After the training course we’ll help you develop a plan to build on your experience and meet the minimum requirements for assessment.  Very often we are able to provide manzoku students with further training and the chance to come and work alongside us as and when opportunities present themselves.

Take a look in our Coaching section for ideas on how we can add further value to your training.


Prior to assessment you must have led a minimum of 40 climbs, outdoors on leader-placed protection. A substantial number of these must be at least Severe 4a grade and they should be on a variety of rock types.  You should also log experience of having assisted on a minimum of  20 climbing sessions at a variety of locations both outdoors and on indoor walls (a session is a half day or evening).

An assessment course can be stressful.  We look for SAFE, EFFICIENT practice and a range of ideas to suit different environments.  Your log-book is our starting point for a course but we’ll expect you to back up this information by demonstrating basic skills competently and smoothly..

We often get asked to review log-books prior to assessment and we’d be more than happy to take a look and  help you focus on areas in which you may need more experience.

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