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Hill and Mountain Skills


Navigation skills for walkers

So many people get tied up in knots when using  a map and compass  to navigate safely through the hills.  Our aim is to de-mistify the science, add a little art and help you to become a confident navigator.  Over the two day course you will build a solid foundation of navigation skills:

  • Map interpretation
  • Contour recognition
  • True, Grid  and Magnetic North
  • Understanding the compass
  • Location, Location, Re-location
  • Navigation Strategies

This course is designed as an introduction to the basics of map and compass based navigation and as such is suitable for those with little or no background in navigating in the hills or those wishing to brush-up and dust-off old skills.



Advanced navigation skills

Having the opportunity to build on navigational skills  in the company of a professonal is an opportunity not to be missed.  The course will look at more advanced navigational strategies and techniques and give you the chance to practice these skills in more remote locations and in poor visibility and /or at night.

The course will also look at other aspects of hill and mountain safety , route planning and aspects of weather forecasting suitable for upland terrain.

This course is designed for anyone who has a basic knowledge of maps and map-work and wishes to head out into Britain’s more remote areas.  It would also be suitable as a refresher for anyone aiming to complete their Hill and Moorland Leader or Mountain Leader assessments.