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Climbing Wall Instructor


manzoku has delivered this award since its inception and given the superb indoor climbing and bouldering  facilities found here in South Wales we can provide you with excellent training and assessment.

The Climbing Wall Instructor qualification trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to supervise climbers on purpose built artificial climbing walls and boulders.  It is ideal for people who work at climbing walls or at venues with permanent or mobile climbing towers.  To be involved in the Climbing Wall Instructor scheme you need to be a climber with an interest in the supervision of novices in the activity. A minimum of six months personal climbing experience is expected prior to registering for the award during which time you should have visited at least three different walls and have successfully led some climbs.  Without having done at least this amount of climbing you are unlikely to  be able to make best use of the training.

Candidates wishing to register on the scheme must be seventeen years of age or older at the date of registration (candidates may undertake training after their seventeenth birthday but may not attend an assessment course until after their eighteenth birthday) and be an individual or club member of a BMC or MCofS affiliated club.

You can register for the Award HERE

The Climbing Wall Instructor qualification is split into two modules.  The main award covers bouldering, the teaching of basic movement skills and the roped climbing systems found at the majority of walls.  The optional Abseil Module covers the additional skills required when working at the top of a wall to run climbing and abseiling.  All our training courses cover both modules over the two days but the Abseil module may be booked separately if you have previously completed the main award training. You can search for dates and prices for all our courses below.


From Training to Assessment

After the training course we’ll help you develop a plan to build on your experience and meet the minimum requirements for assessment.  Very often we are able to provide manzoku students with further training opportunities and the chance to come and work alongside us as and when opportunities present themselves.

We can offer an additional training day specifically aimed at building up your personal lead climbing experience.  This can be booked separately but is discounted if booked as a package with the training course.

Further resources for those who have attended a training course can be found HERE


Prior to assessment you must have led a minimum of forty climbs and assisted with the supervision of climbing on at least fifteen sessions at a variety of facilities. We would be more than happy to review your log-book at any time to help you focus on areas in which you may need more experience before booking on an assessment course.